Are you interested in joining the Centanni lab as a graduate student or an undergraduate research assistant?

Graduate students:

We are always looking for motivated graduate students with an interest in perception, language, reading, genetics, and/or plasticity interested in working with animal models and/or human participants!

Please send Dr. Centanni a personal email if you have any questions or are interested! t.m.centanni (at) and see TCU's website for information on the application process. We recommend also reading the Centanni lab success guide for information on what to expect.

Undergraduate research assistants:

Are you interested in gaining some experience in a research lab? Please fill out the application and send to Dr. Centanni for consideration. We are currently looking for undergrads interested in getting some experience working with the animal models and running behavioral training. Check out page 1 of the application for more details about the lab and how we operate!