Recent News:

TCU’s first imaging facility is under construction

The Centanni Lab is adding high density EEG and tDCS to its arsenal of tools, and construction on our new lab space is expected to wrap up in January, 2019! We are so excited to bring this technique to TCU and be the first neural imaging technique on campus.

Want to use this exciting new technique? We are looking for graduate students! See our ‘Want to Join Us?’ page for the details on how to apply! The deadline is January 1, 2019.

-December 2018

A successful trip to SfN!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the lab’s poster this year- we got some great feedback! If you missed it, or want to take another look, head over to our Publications tab and scroll down to conference posters- a PDF is linked to the poster title!

-November 2018

Undergraduate research grants awarded!

Congratulations to lab undergrad researchers Madeline Pitcock and Zoe Richardson for receiving research grants to help us continue evaluating auricular vagus nerve stimulation as a tool for improving reading! Stay tuned for updates as their projects get underway!

-October, 2018

Society for Neuroscience update

Lab director, Dr. Centanni, will be presenting new research at the Society for Neuroscience conference in November (Tuesday, 1-5 pm session). This abstract was selected as a Hot Topic this year, meaning our summary will be given to the media in attendance. We hope to see you there too!

Our newest paper is now available!

Our manuscript, validating previous work in genetic rat models, was just accepted for publication in Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience! We report increased cortical inconsistency in a subset of children with dyslexia, and demonstrate a potential genetic link. See the Publications page for the PDF!

-June, 2018

A grant to continue our work on dyslexia-susceptibility genes!

TCU has awarded us a grant to generate a knockout rat to further study a gene of interest in dyslexia, DCDC2. Dr. Centanni's previous work suggested that this gene might interfere with response to intervention, and this new animal model will provide the perfect way to test new therapy options!

-June, 2018

Brain imaging is coming to TCU!

The Centanni lab, in collaboration with the Leising lab at TCU, was recently approved to purchase a state of the art high-density electroencephalography (EEG) system! Each net will contain 256 electrodes to allow for better source localization and will also have tDCS capabilities. We look forward to bringing this new technique to TCU!!

-April, 2018

The Centanni lab just received a grant from TCU...

This funding will support some basic science research to help us optimize the parameters for our auricular vagus nerve stimulation studies! We look forward to sharing the results of this exciting set of experiments!

-April, 2018


The Centanni Lab's first research poster!

Lab director Tracy Centanni (left) with lab undergrad Alexis Jefferson (right) as she presents the first research poster out of the lab! Alexis received a TCU Students in Research grant this year to study the effect of training approach on novel letter acquisition. The poster was very well received by the community.

-April 2018