The Centanni lab (aka the Genetics of Auditory Perception and Plasticity lab) focuses on studying auditory perception (with a focus on language), genetic influences in communication disorders, and neural plasticity during intervention. To accomplish this goal, the lab uses a variety of models to better understand the biological mechanisms of communication impairments. To unpack the genetic heterogeneity of language and reading, we use rats as a model to investigate the link between certain genes and auditory perception and plasticity. We then bring in human participants to test these results and evaluate new methods of driving plasticity during language and reading interventions. This approach will help us bridge the GAPP between basic science of mechanism discovery and the application of this knowledge for improved diagnosis and improvement of language and reading in humans.

If you are interested in gaining research experience, either as a graduate student or as a volunteer research assistant, please send me an email including your name, background, current position/major and your research interests!

t.m.centanni (at) tcu (dot) edu